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Honey & Indian Madder Body Wash: Yeti



Regular Usage of Yeti Organic Body Wash ensures:
• A chemical-free body wash
• Nourishment and Purification for the skin
• Keeps Your Skin Hydrated
• Keeps Your Skin Glowing



Use a small amount on wet skin in the shower to cleanse the body
Yeti Organics focuses on the purity of ingredients & effectiveness of formulations. All of Yeti Organics products are handmade using high-quality natural ingredients & are paraben-free.

Key Ingredients:

Honey: Honey filled with Antiseptic and Antioxidants properties helps to fight against pimples and other skin-related issues.
Manjishta: Manjishtha along with Honey helps reducing Dark Spots, and due to its antibacterial properties also helps in keeping various skin disorders at bay.
Aloe vera: Highly Filled with Vitamin A & C and its inflammatory properties help you get clear & hydrated skin.
Shatpatri: The Natural Skin Nurture not only helps to get clear skin but also Pacifies Mind and transforms your regular bath into a rejuvenating practice.


Manjishta (4%)
Honey (2%)
Haridra (3%)
Arishtak (8%)
Aloe Vera (3%)
Shatpatri (4%)
Cleanser Base (Q.S)

2 reviews for Honey & Indian Madder Body Wash: Yeti

  1. Sunny Malhotra

    Yeti organics Honey & Indian Madder Body wash”s fragrance is quite pleasing and has a very soothing effect on skin. It doesn’t dry your skin and gives a refreshing experience.

  2. Mithilesh Gor

    I have decided to do an experiment with Yeti’s Body wash after all! and it didn’t dishearten me, I finally found a product that is pocket friendly yet feels premium. It has really rejuvenated my experience of refreshingness. Must-Try !!!

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