Honey & Liquorice Body Lotion: Yeti



• Long-lasting Moisturization to restore dry skin
• Maintains smoothing & soothing balance
• Healthy & Glowing skin



Take a small amount and apply it all over the body to soften and moisturise the skin.
Yeti Organics focuses on the purity of ingredients & effectiveness of formulations. All of Yeti Organics products are handmade using high-quality natural ingredients & are paraben-free.

Key Ingredients:

Honey: Honey filled with Antiseptic and Antioxidants properties helps to fight against pimples and other skin related issues.
Madhuyashti: Honey & Madhuyashti works to brighten your skin and helps overcome pigmentation marks.
Neel Kamal: Neel Kamal Flower Extract is a natural moisturizer and also checks skin oil’s content.
Sesame Oil: It naturally covers the source of Vitamin E for the skin and protects skin cells from UV rays and other environmental challenges.


Madhuyashti (8%)
Haridra (4%)
Honey (3%)
Neel Kamal (3%)
Vidari (4%)
Bala (5%)
Sesame Oil (5%)
Almond Oil (0.30%)
Lotion Base (Q.S.)


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