Pranaali Masala


Key Ingredients:

Anardana: Promotes Weight Loss Supports Kidney & Liver Amalvet: Helps in Chest Pain. Increases Appetite Cures Chronic Constipation
Tulsi: Cures Indigestion & Loss of Appetite. Helps in Treatment of Flatulence & Bloating.
Sonth: Increases Digestive Fire Effective for Cold, Cough & Throat Problems
Black Pepper: Treats Respiratory Diseases. Prevents Constipation
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• Treats Lungs related Problems & Breathing Issues
• Promotes Expectoration & Treats Congestion
• Effective in Managing Chronic Cough, Cold & Asthma
• Improves Digestive System by Increasing Agni (Digestive Fire)
• Increases Appetite


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